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James Webb Space Telescope First Images Reveal

James Webb Space Telescope First Images Reveal

James Webb Space Telescope First Images Reveal 

Live viewing event 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 

8:00-10:00 am 

Littleton Museum Lecture Hall 

FREE; all ages 


Join the Littleton Museum and space fans around the world as we live-stream the first images coming back from the NASA James Webb Space Telescope! 

NASA, in partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency), will release the telescope’s first full-color images and spectroscopic data during a televised broadcast beginning at 8:30 a.m. MT on Tuesday, July 12. Live coverage of the image release broadcast will air on the NASA app and the agency’s website. The broadcast will last approximately one hour.; Following the broadcast, we’ll have a small craft project based on the hexagonal panels of Webb’s mirror for participants to enjoy.  

For more information about the Littleton Museum’s Live Viewing Event, email or call 303-795-3954.

What is the Webb telescope?  

The James Webb Space Telescope is a large telescope that was launched on December 25, 2021. It is the scientific successor to the Hubble telescope. Webb is optimized to use instruments in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, so we can see through dusty clouds and see how stars and planetary systems form! 

The James Webb Space Telescope has a mirror that is 6.5 meters (21.3 feet) in diameter, and a sunshield the size of a tennis court. The mirror and the sunshield are larger than the width of the rocket that was used to launch them! Since the launch last year, the telescope has slowly unfolded and undergone testing and calibration, in preparation for these first images.  

Can’t join us?  

The public can watch live on FacebookTwitterYouTubeTwitch, and Daily Motion. Released one by one on the broadcast, each image will simultaneously be made available on social media as well as on the agency’s website at:  

Read more at Webb's Launch GSFC/NASA.  

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