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Community Meeting - Zoning

R5 Zone Map 

R5 Zoning Map

The City of Littleton is considering changes to its zoning code which could make home ownership more attractive. The only properties that would be affected are zoned R-5, Multiple Family Residential, and shown in yellow on the map.

The present zoning only allows duplexes (2-units) and triplexes (3-units) to be constructed on parcels of land 6,000 sq.ft. or more in size. The zoning does not allow for the units in a duplex or a triplex to be sold to different property owners as separate units unless the building is converted into a condominium. This means the buyer would not own the land under the unit.

Some property owners have expressed interest in redeveloping their property into townhouses, which would mean selling the attached units to separate owners. In response, the staff is proposing an ordinance which will create different development standards for townhouses. The new standards will merely allow attached dwelling units and the land on which each unit is constructed to be sold to different owners. The physical appearance of the development will remain the same as it would if it were constructed as a duplex (owned by one owner) and rented to two different occupants, or if each unit was sold to a different owner.

The ordinance proposes to include a definition for townhouse: "A single-family dwelling unit, with a private entrance, which is part of a structure whose dwelling units are attached horizontally in a linear arrangement, and having a totally exposed front and rear wall to be used for access, light, and ventilation. The units are separated from one another by a common party wall having no doors, windows, or other provisions for human passage or visibility."

The proposed changes are expected to allow more townhouse-type development in the R-5 zoned areas in Littleton.

DuplexThe ordinance also proposes to eliminate the ability to develop commercial parking lots in the R-5 zoned area near the downtown. If approved, both changes will implement goals and policies envisioned in the city's Downtown Neighborhood Plan. Below is an example of a duplex under construction at 5512 S. Nevada Street.

The city is interested in hearing the public's views regarding the proposed changes.  A community meeting will be held at the Littleton Center Monday, May 4 to hear comments and field questions.

If unable to attend, send comments to the Community Development Department at the above address or email at

Public hearing meeting dates will be posted  on the City Meeting Calendar as they become available.


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