Inspection Card Codes

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  • Contractors and Homeowners must use the new eTRAKiT portal to request Building Inspections (including Virtual Inspections) as the Inspection Request Line is no longer available.

Building Inspection Requests

Littleton eTRAKiT Portal is the only method to schedule a building inspection. (Engineering inspections are still scheduled through Engineering Department.) Once the permit is issued, inspections can be scheduled.  Requests for inspections can be submitted until 11:59 p.m. on the day prior to the requested inspection date.  Please review inspection requirements before scheduling inspections; failure to meet all the requirements will result in a failed or cancelled inspection and an inspection fee may be applied. In order to schedule the inspection, you will need the permit number and inspection code (see your permit card or below). A confirmation number and date of the inspection will be stated. Please note, inspections are generally scheduled for the next business day, however during peak times of activity, inspection schedules may be booked a few business days out.  

Inspections are requested when different phases of construction are completed. For example, if you are requesting a rough plumbing inspection, all the piping for the waste and vents, water pipe and gas piping must be installed and tested. The rough plumbing, rough electric and rough heating must be inspected and approved before a rough framing inspection is requested.

Building Inspection Codes

 Inspection  Code  Inspection  Code  Inspection  Code
 consultation  100  drywall fastening  119  underground plumbing  401
 caissons & footings  101  exterior envelope  126  rough plumbing  402
 foundation walls  102  fire wall  127  gas pipe  403
 forms & steel  103  construction meter  201  shower pan  404
 foundation insulation  104  service  202  interceptor  405
 shear walls  105  concrete electrode  203  pre roof  500
 door/window flashing  108  underground electric  204  final roof  502
 rough framing  109  rough fire alarm  206  mid siding  503
 fire stopping  111  rough mechanical  301  sign  506
 insulation  112  fireplace  302  FINAL MECHANICAL  120
 lath  113  grease duct  303  FINAL PLUMBING  121
 masonry veneer  114  commercial hood  304  FINAL ELECTRICAL  122
 Engineer's foundation, waterproofing, perimeter drain report   and  foundation location certification required prior to rough   framing  117  FINAL BUILDING  124