Homeowners Building Permits

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Get a building permit for your home improvement project

Building codes are designed to protect the occupants of buildings. They describe requirements that protect the structural integrity of a building and the safe installation of the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. The codes also specify a safe means of exiting a building in case of an emergency, and requirements for energy conservation.

All too often, when a homeowner lists a property for sale, a prospective buyer will ask if a building permit was obtained for a basement remodel, patio cover or similar project.

If the necessary permit was not obtained, headaches can occur for the seller. The building division routinely receives calls on how to get approval for work done after the fact, and the response is that a building permit must be obtained and the work must pass required inspections. These inspections can normally be done without removing any walls, but rarely, if abnormalities are detected in the electrical system, it can be necessary to remove part of a wall.

The Littleton Permit Center has helpful brochures and information on the website about the building permit process, along with other useful information for homeowners. Visit Permit Center page or call 303-795-3751 for more information.

When does a homeowner need a building permit?

A building permit is required at any time there is an addition, alteration, repair or conversion to the main structure or an accessory structure. Examples would include reroofing, water heater replacement, fences, finishing a basement, decks, and patio covers. Permits are not required for painting, drain cleaning, kitchen cabinets, new floor coverings, gutters, utility sheds less than 120 square feet, and cosmetic improvements. (Note: a zoning certificate, which can be applied for in eTRAKiT, is still required for sheds under 120 square feet.) If you have any questions about whether or not a permit is needed, contact the Permit Center at 303-795-3751.

The homeowner as a contractor

As a homeowner you may obtain a building permit to work on your own property without a contractor's license. However, if you employ subcontractors for all or part of the work, they must be licensed by the City of Littleton to perform such work. A building permit will not be issued to a homeowner for work performed by unlicensed contractors. Although homeowners may obtain permits to perform work on their primary residence, they cannot obtain a homeowners permit for rental property.

Note: The Rapid Residential Permit Review window at the Littleton Permit Center is closed until further notice.

Important Notice to Owners

Under Colorado law, suppliers, subcontractors, or other persons providing labor or materials for work on your residential property may collect their money from you by filing a lien against your property. A lien can be filed against your residence when a supplier, subcontractor, or other person is not paid by your contractor for their labor or materials, even though you have already paid the contractor for these items.

Applying for building permits

Permit Applications  Submittal requirements will depend upon the complexity of the project. Homeowners are permitted to draw blueprints for small projects, when the structure elements are not altered. It is suggested that for complex projects, a design professional be employed to provide the blueprints. Typical submittal requirements normally will include a plot plan, floor plan, framing plan, a sectional drawing and elevation drawings.


Schedule An Inspection Inspections are requested when different phases of construction are completed. For example, if you are requesting a rough plumbing inspection, all the piping for the waste and vents, water pipe and gas piping must be installed and tested. The rough plumbing, rough electric and rough heating must be inspected and approved before a rough framing inspection is requested.

Please note: Contractors and Homeowners are required to use the eTRAKiT portal to request building inspections as the Inspection Request Line is no longer available. 

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is normally issued upon proper completion of a new house. However, most other homeowner projects do not receive a Certificate of Occupancy, as it is not necessary. If a lender requires formal certification from the City of Littleton, we will be able to issue a Certificate of Completion.

Work in the public right of way

Very seldom will a homeowner project ever involve working in the street or other public way. However, your project may involve construction of curb and gutter or placing a dumpster in the street. Each of these activities requires a permit. Note, a sewer permit will allow work within the City's right-of-way. A right-of-way permit is not required if a sewer permit is issued. For right-of-way permits, visit eTRAKiT Portal or contact Development Review at 303-795-3752. For placing a dumpster or pod in the street, contact public works at 303-795-3834 or fill out the Dumpster/Pod Permit Request Form.

Building Codes

Visit the Building Codes & Requirements page to view which codes have been adopted by the City of Littleton.