Effective January 1, 2019, fire and emergency services in the City of Littleton will be handled by South Metro Fire Rescue

For EMS transport and billing questions for service dates prior to January 1, 2019, contact the Littleton Finance Department at 303-795-3776 or finhm@littletongov.org

January 1, 2019 signaled a new year and a new era of firefighting in the City of Littleton, Littleton Fire Protection District and Highlands Ranch Metro District as Littleton Fire Rescue and South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) joined forces.

2018 Election Results

The City of Littleton is excited to announce the results from the 2018 General Election. Littleton voters approved full inclusion of Littleton Fire Rescue with South Metro Fire Rescue, also known as measure 7B. This concludes a process that involved many years of study and discussion. South Metro Fire Rescue provides that highest level of fire and emergency service in Colorado and the transition has been very smooth, South Metro will begin to provide the City of Littleton with fire service on Jan.1, 2019. Additionally, the city staff will now begin work on the ambitious program to improve city streets and infrastructure. 

Exceptional fire services; needed street improvements

Earlier this year, the Littleton City Council entered into an agreement with South Metro Fire Rescue to begin providing fire services to the community on January 1, 2019. On November 6, voters will be asked to approve full inclusion with South Metro. This means that voters will decide:

  • If South Metro fire services are funded through property taxes
  • If they will be represented in future South Metro elections and decisions

Vote for vs against table

Joining South Metro opens up possibilities to allocate city funds to other community needs such as street improvements while receiving improved fire service.

What It Means To You

If voters approve inclusion, South Metro will begin assessing property tax on Littleton properties in 2020 to fund fire protection services. At the same time, the City will reduce its property tax rate and automatically dedicate $3.1 million to city street improvements each year.
How will your property taxes change based on the outcome of the election? Choose the property value of your home or business below to see.

Residence Value:

Button: $200-300K Button: $300-400K Button: $400-500K Button: $500-600K Button: $600K+

Commercial Value:

Button: $100-200K Button: $200-300K Button: $300-400K Button: $400-500K Button: $500-750K Button: $750K-1M Button: $1M+


Net change for residential properties
Net change for commercial properties

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