1890s Living History Farm

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Interior of the 1890s farmhouse

On the north side of the museum is the 1890s living history farm. Because of advancements in technology and transportation, the farm appears more highly developed. The 1890s farmhouse was originally located less than a mile away. Visitors will notice that the construction styles are significantly different from the 1860s farm.

The other buildings on the 1890s farm are reconstructions, representing typical buildings that an 1890s family farm would need, such as a barn, tool shed, and a privy.

On our 1890s farm visitors will get the opportunity to interact with and see in action, one of our volunteer blacksmiths. These individuals are hard at work at our forges, working on projects needed for the farms. Blacksmithing is one of the oldest trades and was invaluable around any farm or town. With tools to be fixed, or horses to be shoed, a good blacksmith was someone you always wanted nearby. 


Interior shot of person working in 1890s kitchen