Municipal Court FAQs

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What happens when I appear on my court date?

You will be expected to go through a metal detector when you enter the courthouse. Weapons of any kind will not be permitted. You will then check in with the court clerk and she will give you a written copy of your Advisements of Rights. Please read this form carefully before signing it. You will be directed into the courtroom and the Judge will call each person to the podium individually to discuss your case.

Do I have to appear in court for traffic violations?

If a payable amount is listed on your citation, you are eligible to accept the automatic plea bargain and pay prior to your hearing date online at Littleton Municipal Court Online Payments, by phone 303-339-0764, by mail, or the payment drop box outside the courthouse main entrance. If you do not want to accept the automatic plea bargain you can request a pre-trial conference with the prosecutor to discuss your case. Please contact the court to request a conference date. You can also appear in court on the listed date and time on your citation.

What if I move and have changed my phone number?

It is your responsibility to notify the Littleton Municipal Court of any changes to your address and/or phone number. You can update the court by email or phone 303-795-3837.

What if I am unable to pay my fine?

You can contact the Littleton Municipal Court to set up payment arrangements by email or phone 303-795-3837.

Should I accept the plea bargain that is being offered or go to trial?

The Clerks or the Prosecutor are not allowed to give you legal advice. If you would like to have an attorney present with you that is fine. If you need time to hire an attorney, you can ask the court for a continuance to get an attorney and appear at a later date.

If I want to go to trial, when will it be set?

Trials are usually set 45-90 days from the date of your first appearance hearing (arraignment). You will be given a setting sheet which you must sign and date confirming the trial date. If you are going to have witnesses for your trial, you can have the court clerk's office prepare the subpoenas for you; however, you will need to supply the names and addresses of your witnesses. It will be your responsibility to get those subpoenas personally served.

Can I request a jury trial?

Jury trials are only granted if the charge you have been given has jail time associated with it. All jury requests must be done in writing accompanied by a jury fee of $25. These requests must be filed with the court within 21 days from the date of your not guilty plea. You have the right to be tried within ninety (91) days of your plea unless a delay was granted by the Judge.

Can I get an attorney appointed to represent me in court?

You will need to contact the Littleton Municipal Court to obtain the forms needed to have an attorney appointed. The Judge will review this form to determine if you are eligible for a court-appointed attorney. Determination for granting a court-appointed attorney depends on two factors. The first factor is whether or not the Prosecuting attorney is seeking jail. If the Prosecuting attorney is not seeking jail time, an attorney will not be appointed. The second determining factor is whether or not the defendant meets the state indigency guidelines. If it is determined that a defendant is not indigent, a court appointed attorney will not be granted.

I would like to speak to the municipal prosecutor about my case. How do I do that?

If you currently do not have an attorney and wish to speak to the prosecutor about your case, please contact the city prosecutor's office at 303-795-3845. If you are under 18 years of age and wish to speak to the city prosecutor, please have a parent or legal guardian available at the time of your call. Please understand if you are currently represented by an attorney, the municipal prosecutor cannot speak with you about your case.

I received a ticket for not having proof of insurance. What is the process for turning in my insurance information?

Proof of insurance should be provided to the city prosecutor's office at least one week prior to your scheduled court date. You will need to provide a letter from your insurance company which states specifically that you were insured on the date and time of the citation while driving the vehicle you were operating when you were ticketed. This letter MUST be on insurance letterhead and signed by an agent or representative of the company. Please include your summons number with the insurance agency's letter. This letter may be emailed to; or mailed to Littleton Municipal Prosecutor's office at 2069 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120. If you need further information, contact the municipal prosecutor's office at 303-795-3845.

Why did I receive a subpoena from the City of Littleton?

If you received a subpoena, it is because you have been listed as a witness for a municipal prosecution. Please sign the waiver of personal service at bottom of the subpoena and email it to; or mail to Littleton Municipal Prosecutor's office, 2069 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120. If you have questions, contact the municipal prosecutor's office at 303-795-3845.

I need to request a copy of my file. What is the process?

You have a right to receive relevant police reports and other materials about the charges that have been brought against you that are in the possession of the Littleton Police Department. This information is called "discovery." Discovery can be requested by emailing If you are a defense attorney requesting discovery, please provide an entry of appearance with your request. There is no charge for paper discovery delivered electronically; $5.00 for each DVD/CD; and $0.25 per page for printed discovery. Please allow ample time prior to your court date for a discovery request to be processed.

I am a victim on a case and would like to drop or modify a municipal protection order. What is the process?

Only the municipal court judge can modify or drop a municipal protection order. You may submit your request to drop or modify a protection order to the municipal prosecutor's office via email to; or mail to Littleton Municipal Prosecutor's office at 2069 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120. The municipal prosecutor will review your request and may subpoena you to appear at the hearing regarding your request. Please ensure that your motion contains any updated contact information.

I have been placed on probation in my case. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the probation office at 303-795-3874.

Whom do I contact if I need to change my court date?

Contact the municipal court by email or phone 303-795-3837.

If there is a hold on my driver's license, how do I get it removed?

A hold is placed on your license when you have an outstanding balance with the court. In order to have the hold released the balance must be paid in full to Collections online at or by phone 303-788-0477. Once paid in full the court will release the hold and notify DMV. If you would like a copy of the release please email

What do I do if I have an active warrant?

If you have an active warrant that you are trying to address, contact the municipal court by email or phone 303-795-3837.

How do I submit proof of completion of a class or community service that was ordered as part of my sentence?

You may submit proof of completion to the court by email to, fax at 303-795-3841, or by mail to Littleton Municipal Court, 2069 W Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120.

I need to set up domestic violence counseling. Whom do I contact?

Contact the Littleton Domestic Violence Probation Office at 303-795-3874

How do I file an appeal?

An appeal in the Littleton Municipal Court is a request for the Arapahoe County District Court to view the ruling of a Littleton Municipal Court Judge. Rules and forms can be obtained from the Arapahoe County District Court which is located at the address below:

Arapahoe County District Court
7325 South Potomac Street
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303-649-6355

An appeal must be filed within 30 days of judgment or sentencing.