Film/Video/Drone Production Permit

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This is NOT a permit to fly a drone in the City of Littleton. This is a permit for a student or commercial video/photography production. For information about drone laws in Colorado, visit C-DOT's Fly UAS Responsibly web site.

A film permit is not needed for personal, non-commercial photo sessions in public areas in the City of Littleton. The Littleton Museum welcomes photographers on their grounds and encourages visitors to review the photography policy and fee structure for the museum.


Before starting this permit, confirm that the locations for which you are requesting the permit are in the Littleton city limits. Many locations may have a Littleton mailing address but are in unincorporated Arapahoe, Jefferson, or Douglas counties.

Littleton requires a permit for any film, video or drone production in the city, including city parks.

  1. Complete and submit the Film/Video/Drone Permit Application below at least five (5) business days prior to your scheduled shoot date.
  2. Contact the Zoning Division at 303-795-3748 to determine if a zoning permit is needed.
  3. Contact the Public Works Department at 303-795-3863 if production plans require blocking or closing a street or sidewalk.
  4. Contact the Littleton Museum at 303-795-3950 if production plans include the Littleton Museum and/or their grounds.
  5. If production plans include working a public park, you must also contact South Suburban Parks and Recreation at 303-798-5131.
  6. A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required in the amount of $1,000,000 (one million dollars) with Littleton listed as additional insured. Proof of insurance must be received before permits can be issued.

All required forms, letters, permits and documents must be completed and uploaded with the application below.

For questions or information about film permits in the City of Littleton, contact the Littleton Communications Department.

Littleton Film Permit Application Form