Council Goals and Objectives

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2021-2022 City Council Work Plan Dashboard

 2021-2022 City Council Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Unified Land Use Code (ULUC)
A sustained focus on long-term fiscal sustainability of Littleton City government while recognizing the direct connection to the community’s land use mix, especially for sales tax revenue needs. (Comprehensive Plan Goal L&C 2)

  • Objective 1: Unified Land Use Code (ULUC) (Comprehensive Plan Policy L&C 1)

Goal 2: Financial Sustainability
A focus on the revenue needs of Littleton City government to continue meeting the public service expectations of the residents, businesses, and institutions. (Comprehensive Plan Goal E&T 1)

  • Objective 1: Data Driven Financial Analysis (Comprehensive Plan Policy E&T 1)
  • Objective 2: Revenue Diversity (Comprehensive Plan Policy E&T 2)
  • Objective 3: Land Use and Fiscal Health (Comprehensive Plan Policy E&T 3)
  • Objective 4: Leveraging One-Time Recovery Funds (Comprehensive Plan Policy I&S 4)
  • Objective 5: Regional Planning (Comprehensive Plan Policy S&D 7)

Goal 3: Innovative Infrastructure (1)
A continuing commitment to periodic assessment, and ongoing maintenance, of public facilities that are essential to Littleton’s livability and accommodation of visitors. (Comprehensive Plan Goal I&S 3)

  • Objective 1: Annual Investments (Comprehensive Plan Policy I&S 1)
  • Objective 2: Hazard Recovery (Comprehensive Plan Policy I&S 4)
  • Objective 3: Maintaining Facilities (Comprehensive Plan Policy I&S 6)
  • Objective 4: Safe Networks (Comprehensive Plan Policy TMP 1)
  • Objective 5: Safety Improvements (Comprehensive Plan Policy TMP 4)
  • Objective 6: Vulnerable Users (Comprehensive Plan Policy TMP 5)
  • Objective 7: Safety Over Speed (Comprehensive Plan Policy TMP 7)
  • Objective 8: Complete Network (Comprehensive Plan Policy TMP 10) 
  • Objective 9: Partnerships (Comprehensive Plan Policy HART 1)

Goal 4: Downtown
A downtown that continues to serve the entire community as a civic, historic, cultural, and economic focal point. (Comprehensive Plan Goal S&D 1)

  • Objective 1: Partnerships (Comprehensive Plan Policy S&D 6)
  • Objective 2: Historic Structures (Comprehensive Plan Policy HART 2)
  • Objective 3: Reduce Noise and Light (Comprehensive Plan Policy ENV 6)

Goal 5: Arts, Culture, and Tourism
A community that thrives on and leverages the economic and social power of the arts to enhance its fiscal strength, regional reputation, social connectivity, and overall quality of life for residents of all ages. (Comprehensive Plan Goal HART 5)

  • Objective 1: Increase Regional Tourism Opportunities to Support Littleton Businesses (Comprehensive Plan Policy E&T 5)
  • Objective 2: Cultural and Community Programming (Comprehensive Plan Policy HART 7)
  • Objective 3: Partnerships (Comprehensive Policy S&D 6)
  • Objective 4: Arts and Culture Master Plan (Comprehensive Plan Action HART 25)

Goal 6: Housing and Livability
A quality and diversity of housing options that makes living in Littleton attainable for a wide range of groups and income levels. (Comprehensive Plan Goal H&N 1)

  • Objective 1: Housing Diversity (Comprehensive Plan Policy H&N 1)
  • Objective 2: Housing Affordability (Comprehensive Plan Policy H&N 2)

Goal 7: Environmental Stewardship
Under development in 2022. (Comprehensive Plan Goal H&N1)

  • Objective 1: Hazard Recovery (Comprehensive Plan Policy I&S 4)
  • Objective 2: Water Conservation (Comprehensive Plan Policy ENV 3)
  • Objective 3: Re-assess Tools and Methods (Comprehensive Plan Policy ENV 7)

Goal 8: Good Governance
To be responsive, approachable, welcoming, fair, and accountable internally and externally. Facilitate on-going conversation that captures all of the considerations involved in ensuring interests are addressed and reflected in city policy initiatives.

  • Objective 1: Safety (Code Compliance) (Comprehensive Plan Policy H&N 7)
  • Objective 2: Financial Challenge Awareness (Comprehensive Plan Policy E&T 1)
  • Objective 3: Community Desires (Comprehensive Plan Policy S&D 4)
  • Objective 4: High Performing Organization

Acronym Key

L&C - Land Use and Community Character
H&N - Housing and Neighborhoods
TMP - Transportation
I&S - Infrastructure and Services
E&T - Economy and Tax Base
HART - Heritage, ARts, Recreation, and Tourism
ENV - Environment
S&D - Special Areas and Design