2022 Ballot FAQs

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Below you'll find some answers to frequently asked questions about the questions voters will decide. For more information about these ballot questions, visit the 2022 Voters Guide.

Lodger's Tax FAQs

QDoes Littleton currently have a lodger’s tax?
QThe voters turned down a 3% lodger’s tax in Littleton in 2013 by a 2 to 1 margin. Why are we going for a lodger’s tax when voters already said no by such a huge margin?
QWill the lodger’s tax be assessed on people living in hotels for an extended period of time?
QHow many hotels does Littleton have?
QHow will the revenue from the lodger’s tax be distributed?
QHow much revenue will a lodger’s tax generate? Has a rate been decided?


Charter Procurement Policy Update FAQs

QWhy is a change being proposed to Littleton’s procurement policies?
QWhat problems does the $5,000 bid threshold create?
QWhat is the remedy being considered?
QIf voters approve moving the policy from the Charter to the Code, how are taxpayers protected?


DDA (Downtown Development Authority) FAQs

QWhat is a Downtown Development Authority?
QWhy now?
QHow is a DDA funded?
QWhich properties would be within the DDA boundary?
QHow are DDAs formed?
QHow is a DDA governed?
QWho can vote in the DDA election?
QHow will the DDA election work?
QDoes a DDA have eminent domain powers?