Cupola Cam

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UPDATE 10/3/2022
Cupola Cam is still offline for some much-needed maintenance. It may be several more days before it can be reinstalled on the courthouse roof.
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Hello friends, near and far...

If you've never visited Littleton's Cupola Cam before ... welcome!

The Cupola Cam has become so popular that the camera reaches its viewer limit occasionally, causing the image to fail to load. If you get an error message, it's because there are so many viewers wanting to look at the beautiful views from the top of the Littleton Municipal Courthouse. Wait a few minutes and reload the page.

To be kind to the visitors after you, please close the Cupola Cam page when you're done with your visit, to let others in on the fun. Thanks!


  • The camera is mounted on the roof of the Littleton Municipal Courthouse.
  • This is the third camera that has been used for Cupola Cam.
  • The camera does not record video; it only streams.
  • Because of the improved HD image, viewers may notice privacy masks covering residential windows.

For questions or comments about Cupola Cam, use the Feedback link above. The city cannot troubleshoot individual computer issues.