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Welcome to Littleton!

Congratulations making Littleton your new home! Moving to a new town can trigger lots of questions as you get settled. Let's get started.

Littleton Center map thumbnailAre you a city resident?

Many residents have a "Littleton" mailing address but are surprised to learn that they don't actually live in the Littleton city limits.

As you can see on the map, the Littleton city limits are very irregular do not reach very far west into Jefferson County except for the TrailMark neighborhood in the southwest corner.

Littleton mailing addresses however, (as designated by the US Postal Service), reach into unincorporated Jefferson and Douglas counties. Check the Littleton city limits map to see if you reside in the city limits and are eligible for city services.

Know your county

The Littleton city limits extend into three counties: Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas. It is important to know your county when seeking county services such as obtaining a driver's license and vehicle registration and license plates, property tax information, and elections and voter registration.

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